Sandy can be described in one word "outstanding!" We have done many real estate transactions and consider Sandy amongst the best realtors we have used. She is a professional, high energy agent who understands immediately what you are trying to achieve. Sandy is very responsive and kept us fully informed at all times. If you want a first-class real estate agent in Kingston, you would be wise to connect with Sandy Sheahan!

Peter Tucker and Debra St. James (February, 2021)

My wife and I live in Florida and we were interested in purchasing a property in Gananoque, Ontario, Canada. We were “e-introduced” to Sandy by our niece who lives in Kingston, Ontario and what a fantastic referral that turned out to be. Not only did Sandy have to handle the usual responsibilities of a good realtor, but she also had to be our “eyes”, because of COVID restrictions on travel. She was able to find us the perfect property at the right price and within a week! Sandy took the time to understand exactly what we were looking for and her negotiating skills, her ability to ask the tough questions and her responsiveness resulted in our success. Over the years we have purchased and sold a number of properties in many different places., necessitating the use of many different realtors. Sandy was the best. Sandy, we cannot thank you enough!
Randy Brintnell and Marla Miller Brintnell (January, 2021)

"Sandy did a stellar job with our condo sale, responding immediately to our decision to sell, qualifying her network of clients, arranging a convenient showing and facilitating a fully satisfactory sales agreement — within days.   She is high energy, client centric and results driven.  We could not have been more pleased with Sandy’s performance!"

John and Cathy Sheridan (December, 2020)

"Sandy offered us that perfect little extra we wanted in an agent.  She was patient and attentive to our needs while honest and professional in her approach, knowing when to step in.  She plays a good devil’s advocate when considering properties and has a commendable sense of customer-property alignment and fit because she takes the time to get to know her clients.  Buying a property is not just a simple transaction and that’s where Sandy comes in. We easily connected and enjoyed the opportunity to work with her!  Thank you Sandy!"

Raissa Sarkisian and Matthew Hunter (December, 2020)


"I was very impressed with Sandy's services. She listened well given the extremely short deadline. She was very professional, caring and understanding and definitely took a lot of the stress out of a huge transition during a pandemic. Thank you Sandy and I look forward to working with you more in the future!"

Gerome Manson (July, 2020)

“Sandy, I am grateful for the integrity and dedication that you bring to the real estate profession. It is evident that you are committed to serving the industry through your conscious effort of taking the time to truly understanding the needs and wants of your clients. You are always focused, enthusiastic and professional each and every time we meet”.

Vince Bennett (January, 2020)
President, Bendale

"Buying a home is stressful – and being new to Kingston and Queens University, we really did not understand the market. Sandy heard us and was attentive to our needs and strove to understand our thoughts and opinions. She did not try to steer us to view homes that did not fit our wish list or convince us of a deal, but instead tried to help us to decide what kind of home we actually wanted. Some homes were just not ‘us’ and she shared that opinion with us as well. Once we were familiar with the market and knew what we were looking for, she was professional to show us the options that met our criteria. She helped us to decide on a convenient and realistic offer, and it all worked out great. Sandy was a pleasure to work with, she was always available, and very quick responding and on a more personal side, she is a likable, friendly person, always with a smile on her face. Thank you again Sandy!"

Diana Cordoba and Christian Seiler (January, 2020)

"Sandy worked with me through a very challenging period of my life: dealing with serious illness, coming to grips with the need to sell my condo, finding a new home, and downsizing to a retirement residence.  She was able to identify my needs before I did.  She understood that an extended closing on my sale would be essential to provide me time to adjust to changing circumstances and explore options going forward. Her knowledge of the downtown condo market helped to maximize the return on my investment. She made the journey lighter for my friends and family."

Diana Padfield (January, 2020)

"Sandy, thank you for your integrity, expertise, and the peace you brought to the challenging purchase of our home! With dedication, confidence, grace and understanding, you met our impossible deadline, as well as, many other difficult requirements.  Your knowledge of the market & contacts; extensive research; hours of preparation, and specialized negotiating skills, turned a potential nightmare into a beautiful reality! We are forever grateful for your commitment in accomplishing our dream!! Thank you!!" 

Brenda M. (July, 2019)

"We were very well represented by Sandy buying this investment property. We have bought and sold quite a few properties using many realtors over the years but rarely experienced such a caring and professional relationship as we had with Sandy. Her class, thoughtfulness and attention to detail were amazing. Thank you Sandy!"

MJ and Scott Gordon (November, 2018)

"I was looking for the right investment property. I came across one I liked but timings were tight and I needed more time to make an informed decision. We were disappointed when we decided to let it go and it sold. Sandy followed up on the conditional sale and suggested we put in a back-up offer in the event the first offer fell through. We did and in the end successfully secured the property. Sometimes it can be difficult to work with a friend on a business transaction but Sandy made it easy. Same person as our friend and our realtor!"

Jeff Moore (December, 2019)

“We really enjoyed working with Sandy! Making a real estate purchase in Kingston’s current market isn’t easy. She managed to get us what we wanted in competitive offers. Her knowledge of the market, negotiating skills and professionalism helped us to make an informed and smart decision. Sandy made this the simplest real estate transaction we have ever experienced. Thank you Sandy!”

Brian and Nancy Cosgrove (June, 2019)